June 02 – The Hotel Show Dubai

June 02 – The Hotel Show Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is, at first glance, a city with stunning panoramic views and lots of attractions. Regardless of whether you are looking for traces of the old Emirates or you are a lover of modern art, you will always find something for yourself. As a metropolis with more immigrants than citizens, Dubai also has a variety of nationalities and traditions. About 2 million people live here, representatives of almost 200 nationalities. Although the official language is Arabic, English has almost equal importance and we can easily communicate with it.
In addition to the impressive economic development and investments, the United Arab Emirates has an ambition to become the cultural and artistic center of the Middle East. In 2017, one of the most ambitious projects of the United Arab Emirates – the Louvre in Abu Dhabi – was opened to visitors. Part of an effort to turn Saadiyat Island into a cultural destination and an example of a first-of-its-kind partnership with France, the museum represents a new era for the United Arab Emirates.
The United Arab Emirates, located at the crossroads between East and West, has recently become an important point for the development of art, overtaking Cairo, Damascus and Tehran, the traditional cultural capitals of the 20th-century Middle East. Developing conflicts in these regions, have gradually seen them losing their importance. In 2006, Christie’s opened a pioneering facility in Dubai and held the first modern art auction in the Middle East.

Influenced by the visions of their rulers and patrons of the arts, the three largest Emirates of the United Arab Emirates began to develop art on various levels. Dubai has evolved into a commercial arts hub, Abu Dhabi has invested in large-scale international art collaboration, and Sharjah has connected local artists to the international art scene. The United Arab Emirates has a lot to offer, from world-class museums, galleries and exhibition spaces to leading regional festivals and creative spaces for artists. The Hotel Show Dubai is not a typical art fair. However, as you can imagine, luxury hotels built in the United Arab Emirates very often furnish their interiors with works of art, making them important buyers of modern and functional art. Therefore, at The Hotel Show Dubai, a large section is dedicated to interior design and design. By participating in the fair, we hope to establish contacts with professionals and companies that design exclusive interiors. Our goal is to familiarize them with the works of Polish artists and producers of applied art, which they could use for their projects in the future.

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