Adam Bojara

Adam Bojara

Adam Bojara was born in 1949. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in the studio of prof. L. Maciąga. In 1995 his first and in 2003 his second painting album was released.

His painting world is extremely rich, full of expression of movement as well as static reverie and melancholy. The artist attaches great importance to the painting gesture because the works coming from his hand are bursting with energy that bursts the picture frames. He does not consider color to be a deity – apart from color images one can also meet black and white, he uses it practically as a tool to bring out shapes, to express free, fantasy-filled movement.

The artist’s individual exhibitions took place, among others, in Łęczyca at the Royal Castle, in Kutno – the Museum of the Battle of Bzura, Milan – Galeria Europio, Verona – Meduza Gallery, London – POSK Gallery, Paris – IPK Gallery, Stockholm at the IPK Gallery, Zakopane – Gallery Hasior and the Museum in Sandomierz.

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Adam Bojara
70×50 cm
Relief on cardboard

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