Agnieszka Gewartowska

Agnieszka Gewartowska

Agnieszka Gewartowska

(born in 1975) Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk.

Graduated from the Faculty of Painting and Graphics in 2001. A visual artist dealing with painting, artistic graphics, drawing and site specific installations. Participant of over 80 individual and collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad, including in Russia, Sweden, Germany, Canada, Japan, Korea, China

and in Lithuania. Awarded and distinguished many times. Her works are in private collections as well as in Museums of Contemporary Art.


[…] In her artistic world, things, phenomena, objects are created that can help us think deeper, see further because they are very sensual,

bring to our imagination this particular aspect of life – the archetypal need for the materiality of existence, in the face of and despite the widespread and advertised materialism

post-postmodernity and the need to touch and, finally, the most important – keep on

in us, regenerating the need for beauty. […] *

* Zbigniew Mańkowski, excerpt from the works of Agnieszka Gewartowska,

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