Aleksandra Szewczuk
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Aleksandra Szewczuk

Creating art is for me a process of entering into myself, cleansing the mind and focusing on being here and now. For several years I practiced the therapeutic method of mindfulness, which I began, also used during the creative process. My works are expressive abstractions of my inner life. I paint by scanning what happens at a certain time, not only inside myself, but also by recording everything from the outside world. I realize that a man is built on his past and that he also influences what I record in my paintings. Painting is more for me attempting to release the mind “from everything” that surrounds it, what is in it, what blocks it by listening to what is happening in the present moment. Thanks to this, art acts on me therapeutically, while the recipient of my work has the opportunity to look inside himself through his reception at a given moment of his own reality.

Aleksandra Szewczuk is a Polish artist working in the current of abstract expressionist color field painting. Based in Sopot, Poland. Born in 1982 in Gdynia, graduated in 2008 as a Master of Visual Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. One of the first graduate students in the studio of professor Jerzy Ostrogórski. Participates in national and foreign exhibitions. Her works belong to private collections in Poland, the United States, Australia, Sweden, Portugal, Spain and in the collections of the National Sate Gallery in Sopot.

Aleksandra Szewczuk
150×120 cm
Acrylic on canvas

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