Monika Knoblauch-Kwapińska
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Monika Knoblauch-Kwapińska

Monika Knoblauch-Kwapińska is a painting architect. She graduated from the Gdańsk University of Technology at the Faculty of Architecture. For many years she was professionally associated with the architecture of Sopot. She comes from a family associated with Sopot for many generations, dating back to the beginning of the city’s history. The connection of the history of family members with the city resulted in the artist’s emotional identification with the place where she lives and works. The works presented at the exhibition constitute a collection that was created in the privacy of the home over many years. They constitute the author’s personal dialogue with the city that surrounds her on a daily basis, a commentary on the changing face of the city. The artist wants to express her admiration for charming corners of Sopot, forgotten gardens and old trees, which are an eloquent trace of bygone times, through her paintings. Monika Knoblauch-Kwapińska participates in subsequent editions of the “Architects Paint” initiative and in the group’s annual exhibitions organized as part of the project, she also has an individual exhibition organized at the Sierakowski Manor in Sopot, the seat of the Society of Friends of Sopot.

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Monika Knoblauch-Kwapińska
70×90 cm
Oil on canvas

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