Sabina Maria Grzyb

Sabina Maria Grzyb

A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, at the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture. She defended her master’s degree in art in March 2017. In painting, she focuses mainly on composition and static rock forms. She weaves real motives and experiences into dreamlike spaces. She balances on the limits of abstraction, fantasy and realism, while maintaining her own, characteristic and peculiar form. A nostalgic landscape painter of non-existent spaces. Sabina Maria Grzyb – an artist with great sensitivity to color, operating with the solid in a monumental way, creating her own worlds of undeniable beauty.


In her painting full of understatements and suggestions for the viewer to consider, Sabina Maria Grzyb uses various motifs to illustrate her thoughts, feelings and doubts. This painting is full of metaphors and meanings, as well as a certain dose of melancholy – it relates to human existence. This artist can be called the creator of dreamlike fantasy landscapes. In Sabina Maria’s art, the relationship with nature, imagination, sleep is important, but also with self-irony distance, a way of expressing oneself based on an intended inconsistency – appearing through the titles of works, including: “Romeo and Żulia”, “Fortune”, “Moods” It is creativity not devoid of the element of fun, which is a value – as Jerzy Nowosielski used to say – “art is not working out for serious people, they spoil every fun”. The painting compositions are usually made in acrylic and oil techniques on canvas, and are dominated by a marine landscape with staffage or an interpersonal relationship – it is a kind of reflection on the human condition. When applying the organizational discipline of the painting plane – limited to a few elements – a firm and sensual treatment of the painting matter appears. Art is a value – as complex as human nature – it allows us to constantly see new opportunities as they arise. Sabina Maria is a seeker. With the delight of the landscape and people – new artistic solutions appear on the horizon of the imagination – they evolve towards abstract solutions – “clean landscape”. Grzegorz Kalinowski.

Artworks Available in Cosma Gallery

Sabina Maria Grzyb
50×90 cm
Oil and acrylic on canvas
Sabina Maria Grzyb
70×100 cm
Oil on canvas
Sabina Maria Grzyb
100×200 cm
Acrylic on canvas

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