“Ciałość” the Exhibition at Tarrace of Cosma Sopot

“Ciałość” the Exhibition at Tarrace of Cosma Sopot

Artists, models, dear guests, this was what happened on Friday, October 8 at the Exhibition in the Cosma Gallery.

The opening of the nudes entitled “Ciałość” initiated a series of exhibitions on this subject, to which we will return more than once.

Below is a photo report from the event.


Sopot, a beautiful evening, wonderful people, a fountain, and a sea view from the terrace of Cosma Sopot. We invite you every day, the collective exhibition will be open until 27.10.

Artists whose works can be admired are:

Dominika Hofman,

Ewa Kukowska,

Jaroslaw Kukowski,

Marek Okrassa,

Joanna Sarapata,

Jan Szczepan Szczepkowski,

Janusz Szpyt,

Artur Zienko,

Anita Cempa.

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Photo report from the event