Monika Knoblauch-Kwapińska’s Art Exhibition

Monika Knoblauch-Kwapińska’s Art Exhibition

Art and architecture. Monika Knoblauch-Kwapińska’s Art Exhibition – Cosma Gallery on July 29, 2021

Monika Knoblauch-Kwapińska’s vernissage took place at the Cosma Gallery. The artist is a painting architect, privately and professionally her life is connected with Sopot, hence her artistic passion. The artist’s works express admiration for the charming corners of Sopot. They constitute her personal dialogue with the surrounding city and seaside landscapes. Admiring her paintings, you can observe her extraordinary sensitivity to the surrounding beauty, above-average ability to observe the surroundings and attention to detail. The exhibition of the artist’s works will be available at the Cosma Gallery for the next three weeks.

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Photo report from the event