How to submit works?

Submission of work for the auction

Submission of work for auctions should be made by e-mail to the following address:

In the title of the e-mail, it you should include the artists name and surname and the phrase “auction application”. You can submit any number of works to the auction. The e-mail should include the year the work was created, title, dimensions, and the minimum price. The e-mail should be accompanied by photos of the works in jpg format.

How to add a work to the online gallery?

On our website there is a form that allows the artist to add works to our online gallery. There is a “Submit a job” tab on the top bar, and the form is available at the link: The form should include the title of the work, the year of its creation and the minimum selling price, hat is the minimum remuneration that the artist would like to receive for their work. The dimensions and weight of the image should also be provided. Select the category, style, technique, theme, material, color, orientation (vertical / horizontal) and country of origin of the artist from the drop-down bar. All works are verified before they are placed in the gallery.

The verification process usually takes up to 3 days. Each artist submitting their work to the gallery must be registered on our website. Only after registration and the creation of an artist account are you able to submit your works to us.                  

The maximum size for each work photo is 2560px x 2560px (5MB). In order to improve sales, Cosma Gallery reserves the right to give the customer a 10% discount calculated from the final sale price without consulting the artist.